Small form factor HD/UHD decoder.


Single slot HD/UHD decoder card for openGEAR chassis.


Small form factor HD encoder.


Very small form factor 4K HDR UHD decoder.

T-21 devices support Decoding, Transcoding, Encoding, Recording and Network Protocol Translation of Streaming Media over private and public IP networks.

The T9261-D provides low delay stream and file decoding of AVC and MPEG2 video with 2-audio pairs. Baseband interfaces include low jitter 3G HDSDI and HDMI. HEVC Video and 2 additional audio pairs are software options.

The T9261-D supports dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. With its separate Ethernet (MAC) and IP addresses, it can provide both physical and virtual isolation making it ideal for spanning public and private networks. NPT is standard on the T9261-D and it allows for spanning of media across networks and converting IP protocols and containers.

With the addition of the Transcode software key, the T9261-D can transcode the incoming IP stream and provide an output of 4 unique profiles. This includes CODEC, container and protocol translation. The T9261-D is ideal for edge transcoding applications.