T-21 has manufactured two versions of the T9261-D Decoder. Version 2.3 and Version 2.8.

T9261-D V2.3 Front View

T9261-D V2.8 Front View

  1. Log into the T9261-D web GUI and navigate to the HOST tab.
  2. Download the firmware to a disk and folder on your Windows/MAC/Linux computer.
  3. From the HOST tab, select the SYSTEM sub-tab, and click "Check for Space."
  4. Choose File (firmware) from your computer's disk and folder.

Click "Check for Space," then choose the FW file from your PC local disk.

Click "Upload" button to upload the firmware from your computer to the T9261-D.

"Warning: System will Reboot" prompt.
Select "OK" to confirm or "Cancel" to end the upgrading process.

"System Status" prompt.
This prompt is informative only. Select "OK" to close.

The T9261-D supports USB2 and USB3 media devices. To upload the new firmware from a USB media device (thumb-drive), follow the steps below.

  1. Download the firmware to a disk and folder on your computer.
  2. Copy the firmware file from your computer’s disk and folder to the USB media device.
    1. There must ONLY be one copy of the firmware on the media device. Remove previous versions before inserting the media device into the T9261-D USB interface.
  3. Safely remove the media device from your PC.
  4. Insert the media device into the USB interface on the T9261-D.
  5. The fan and top blue LED will go off once the system mounts the media device and starts the upgrade script. The disk mount and script start takes about 10 seconds. The upgrade will take a little over a minute to complete. The device will reboot automatically.
  6. You can remove the USB media device from the T9261-D after the unit reboots and starts decoding.
  7. To confirm the update was successful:
    • Check the firmware version on the Web UI on the right side just above the tabs. The version should reflect the name of the firmware file loaded onto the USB media device.
    • Insert the USB media device into your PC and open the firmwareUpdate log.
  8. If more that one unit is upgraded using the same USB media device, there will be a firmware update log for each unit. The naming scheme for the firmware update log is as follows.
    • <SN>-firmwareUpdate.log